What is mediation?

In a mediation I support persons involved in conflict to search for a solution to their dispute. Mediation is a process of conflict resolution to which the parties involved commit voluntarily. My work as a mediator is based on the principles of open-mindedness and multipartiality.

With communicative methods for conflict management I promote non-violence, empathy and creativity. It is the objective of the mediation process that the parties involved clarify the nature of their conflict, develop a better understanding for one another and, on this basis, resolve their dispute. The conflict parties take accountability and decide themselves about the outcome of the mediation. I support them in this process.

Mediation can help conflict parties to find a constructive solution that is to say a solution which is for both parties equally positive and satisfactory.

All parties involved must also exercise integrity to keep information from the mediation process confidential and not to use it against each other at any time thereafter.

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